About Us

Unlike most binary options reviewers, we are all educated and trained as financial analysts. We are a team of analysts who all hold MBAs in finance from one of the top American schools of business.  We met three years ago at an alumni reunion for graduates of NYU’s Stern School of Business.  While we should have been networking about traditional financial markets, we bonded over our excitement for binary options.  We created The Review Group to share our enthusiasm and knowledge of trading binary options, and to offer you a comprehensive list of sites that we personally tested and researched for ease of use, profitability, and reputation.  We only publish reviews for trusted and approved brokers, but our binary options reviews are not meant as trading advice.  Please learn from our reviews, do some research on your own, and sign up with any of the brokers below.  

Our Team

Austin Simms, 39, Fort Lauderdale, USA

I’ve been trading online since 2010 when, ironically, Forbes advised against trading on binary options.  I was intrigued.  I had never heard of binary options, despite having an MBA in Quantitative Finance.  I applied my knowledge of risk management and applied stochastic processes to becoming an educated trader as described in this excellent counterpoint to Forbes’ article.  I started making so much money that I was able to re-evaluate what I wanted from life; I wanted to quit my job on Wall Street, set up my own work-from-home business, and learn to surf—which is what I did!  I am now based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where I trade binary options 2-3 hours a day and donate my experience and knowledge of binary options to The Review Group as the senior reviewer. The rest of my day is spent at the beach or golf club.  

Jill Mendelsohn, 34, Boston, USA

A few years ago, I received my MBA in General Management with a focus on Financial Instruments and Markets and Management of Technology and Operations.  Time spent in the field was much less exciting than the time I spent getting my degree.  I missed being surrounded by innovation and real risk!  When I met Austin at a meetup for Stern alumni, I found that fire in my belly again.  I started spending all my free time trading binary options and studying market reports and trading strategies.  I was obsessed.  I tried nearly 100 systems in three years.  I am now happy that Austin and Yu have brought me on to create this binary options review site.  Now, let’s see if I can get my friends to read my opinions about binary options platforms in exchange for all the years I spent reading their blogs ☺  

Yu Huang, 27, New York, USA

Of the group of Stern alumni writing for The Review Group, I am the sole trader still living and working in New York City as a day trader.  My MBA was primarily focused on Financial Systems and Analytics and Financial Instruments and Markets, which led me to my passion: telling other people what to do with their money.  Keep in mind, that while I advise investors for a living, my reviews on this site are not meant to specifically give you advice; they are meant to merely tell you which binary options sites are reputable, and which sites are not. Trade at your own risk, and please feel free to visit other binary options reviewers listed below.